Student Teacher Assistance for Retention Scholarship

The Student Teacher Assistance for Retention (STAR) scholarship will help fill the shrinking teacher pipeline as students are developed into professional educators. The funds will provide financial support to college seniors who are enrolled in an educator preparation program (EPP) with priority given to students of color to increase diversity in the classroom.

Besides the loss of income from a part-time job a student may encounter while fulfilling the required student teaching semester, candidates have increased cost-of-living expenses. Through this scholarship stipends will be provided to help EPP deans support the students who can’t afford to take the licensure exams, buy professional clothes, or travel to their assigned school.

The Independent College Fund of North Carolina has received a scholarship challenge grant from the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) to support this initiative.  CIC will match any new or increased gifts designated for the STAR Scholarship up to $25,000.

Please help us make sure the best and brightest students fill the critical need for K-12 teachers

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Student Teacher Assistance for Retention Scholarship