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Quick Facts

  • NCICU is comprised of 36 nonprofit, private liberal arts, research and comprehensive colleges and universities across North Carolina.
  • From traditional four-year coeducational institutions to women’s colleges to historically black colleges and universities, NCICU colleges and universities offer the full spectrum of the college experience. The oldest private two-year college in the nation also is part of the NCICU family.
  • North Carolina independent colleges and universities serve the needs of:
             - 68,000 undergraduate students
             - 21,000 graduate and professional students
             - 53,000 students total from North Carolina
  • More than 90% of the students on some campuses receive financial aid.
  • NCICU’s colleges and universities award 30% of the bachelor’s degrees in the state, as well as 51% of the medical degrees, 65% of the law degrees, 37.5% of the physical therapy degrees, 88% of physician assistant degreesand 53% of the pharmacy degrees.
  • Independent colleges and universities in North Carolina provided more than $613 million in institutional aid in 2014-2015, which equates to 41% of the total financial assistance received by students at North Carolina’s independent colleges and universities.
  • North Carolina students at independent colleges and universities receive more than $88.4 million in need-based financial aid from the state.
  • The independent colleges sector is one of the largest private employers in the state.
  • Almost 1,300 individuals lead North Carolina’s independent colleges and universities through service on individual Boards of Trustees.
  • Our student bodies are as diverse as our campuses. In 2015, approximately 59% of students were women, 34% were students of color and 45% of the undergraduate students attending our independent colleges and universities came from out of state.
  • 50% of NC students at NCICU campuses receive federal Pell Grants.
  • Each year, approximately 2,000 students transfer from community colleges in North Carolina to an independent college or university.


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"My experience at Pfeiffer University was amazing. It is a small school and its size gave me the opportunity to mingle with a small but diverse student body and learn from them."

- Siddharth, Pfeiffer University


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