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Sponsorship Opportunities

Each year, NCICU holds administrative meetings, conferences and special events, and creates publications to support, represent and advocate for North Carolina independent higher education. These events and programs provide a variety of opportunities for sponsorship.

Ethics Bowl
Corporate sponsorship contributions are requested to implement and support the NCICU Ethics Bowl, a program that highlights applied ethics as a hallmark of the student experience at independent colleges and universities in North Carolina. Engaging students in complex ethical dilemmas, the Ethics Bowl is an academic opportunity that tests students' critical thinking skills. This program provides campus funding assistance to member institutions to implement a series of on-campus applied ethics projects, including a statewide competition among college teams to address ethical issues in business, education, government, and other aspects of life. Funds also will provide student scholarships to participating students. The goal of the Ethics Bowl is to provide an important opportunity for students and faculty to interact with business and community leaders in a way that exemplifies the values of students attending independent colleges and universities and expose students to the realities of ethical issues in today's society.

State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium (SNCURCS)
The State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium is a collaboration of NCICU and the University of North Carolina system. SNCURCS showcases NC undergraduate student research and creative work, providing undergraduate scholars in all fields a forum to share the results of their work through posters, presentations, performances and works of art. With the approval of a mentor, any undergraduate student enrolled at an institution of higher education in North Carolina can submit an abstract to be included in the symposium. NCICU awards competitive stipends ranging from $300 to $600 each to students performing undergraduate research at NCICU’s colleges and universities in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields of study.  Stipends are funded through the undergraduate research endowment established by NCICU through support from corporate and foundation donors.

Annual Meetings and Administrative Meetings
Each year, NCICU hosts meetings for more than 13 administrative and faculty groups from our 36 member colleges and universities. The meetings allow member institutions to share best practices, hear from regionally and nationally known speakers, collaborate on problems and challenges, and create and nurture relationships crucial to the success of future collaborative initiatives. Examples of the types of groups that meet at least annually are presidents, chief financial officers, chief academic officers, chief development officers, chief student affairs officers and financial aid directors.


College Access and Success
NCICU is committed to access to higher education by low income and first generation students. We seek funds to develop specific programming to assure the success of those students once enrolled. For example, in recent years, we partnered with the Council of Independent Colleges for a yearlong Women's Economic Empowerment Program for female students from five selected colleges and universities. The women were provided with career advice and counseling, mentoring by an alumnus and a two-day conference. Sponsorship made the program outcomes more achievable.


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"My college experience at Barton has been spectacular, something that can only attributed to attending a private college. All of my classes are small, which means a lot of one-on-one time with my professors. Also, because of the small size, there are plenty of doors open to get involved with whatever is interesting, whether that be a student government leadership position or even a small running group that meets every week."

- Holly, Barton College

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