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feature“I come from a background where my family can’t afford to help me. My ability to attend school comes from my own efforts and the generosity of people like you. I work full-time and attend school fulltime. This scholarship allows me to commit less time to outside programs and focus more on my studies.” – Hampton Locklear, Campbell University.


The Independent College Fund of North Carolina, or ICFNC, is the division of NCICU that provides student scholarship aid and enrichment programs. Since its inception, the ICFNC has raised over $84 million for NCICU member colleges and universities to support students. The ICFNC Board of Directors is made up of presidents from our member colleges and universities as well as a number of corporate executives.

For over 60 years, the ICFNC has provided multiple options to accommodate donors' targeted areas of interest in independent higher education. Today, potential donors have a variety of opportunities to support our colleges and universities, all of which make a dramatic difference in the lives of students as they pursue their dreams of a college education.

Donors may contribute in a number of ways:

General Scholarship Gifts
These gifts are made directly to the Fund and are used to provide scholarship awards at the campus level across our member institutions.

Named Scholarship Program
For a gift of $2,000 or more per student, donors may create a named scholarship at the institution(s) of their choice, and may even aid in outlining selection criteria.

These gifts are used to help NCICU further our mission through administrative meetings, conferences, publications, and special events. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities here.

Student Enrichment Programs
Donors may support NCICU initiatives, including the Independent College Access Network, NCICU Ethics Bowl, and the Undergraduate Research Program.

NCICU Capital Campaign
Donors' gifts are applied toward the purchase, renovation and furnishing of the historic home NCICU has purchased for its headquarters at 530 N. Blount Street in downtown Raleigh.


more infoTo learn more about supporting NCICU, please contact Colleen Kinser at


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The 2015-2016 NCICU AnnualReport includes a list of donors for the 2015-2016 fund year as well as useful information about the NCICU mission and purpose.



The NCICU Final Report includes an update on the 2015-2016 Campaign, recent grants, upcoming events, and a list of Business Affiliates.


The 2014-2015 NCICU AnnualReport includes a list of donors for the 2014-2015 fund year as well as useful information about the NCICU mission and purpose.


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