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Programs for High School Students and Rising First-Year College Students

You can start planning for college long before you send in your applications. NCICU's college access and transition programs are designed to help middle and high school students and their families understand their options when it comes to attending and paying for college. They range from campus visits and financial aid workshops to academic support and transition programs that help rising freshmen adjust to college life.

Learn more about the types of programs NCICU offers for high school students and rising freshmen in the sections below.

You can also search for programs, classes, internships, summer camps and other opportunities that match your interests at

For High School Students: College Access Programs
When a student's parents or guardians didn't attend college, or when there are financial obstacles that make paying for college a challenge, it can be difficult for a student to even imagine going to college. Many high school students don't know where to start when it comes to preparing for college, and many give up on college altogether. NCICU, along with other local, state and federal organizations, is committed to helping these students understand their options and reach their academic and career goals.

College access programs teach middle and high school students about the benefits of higher education as well as admissions requirements, how to apply and pay for a college education, and the academic demands of college.

Programs can include campus tours, overnight stays on college campuses, financial planning workshops, enrichment courses, and a variety of other activities. All programs are designed to increase college attendance and student success, and to encourage students to pursue a college education.

Contact the college access coordinator on any of our campuses to learn more about programs in your area. A directory of coordinators is available here.

For Rising First-Year College Students: Transition Programs
Transition programs are designed to make the transition from high school to college easier, especially for those students who need help developing certain academic skills or adjusting to college life.

While transition programs are different at each college or university, they typically allow at-risk students to live on campus and take courses before the school year starts begins. These programs allow students a chance to get to know their campus and to become familiar with the demands of college academics, so they can begin their freshman year feeling confident and prepared.

Transition programs vary from campus to campus, so check with your college or university to see what is available.


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"I liked the idea of having strong student-professor relationships and the idea that professors trusted students because of the Honor Code. I feel like I'm really close with all of my professors because the classes are so small."

- Ana, Davidson College

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