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Making College Affordable

Once you've found a college or university that offers the programs and the opportunities you're looking for, the questions begin: Can I afford to attend this college? How can I graduate with the least amount of debt? Where can I find information about funding?

You should know that you're not alone. Ninety percent of the students attending NCICU colleges and universities receive some form of financial assistance, and there are a number of scholarships, grants, and loans that have been created specifically to help students like you offset the cost of a private education.

NCICU is committed to helping students like you obtain the financial information that you need to make college affordable. That's why we partner with members of our community to create need-based scholarships and programs that help students attend—and succeed in—college. When you are admitted to an NCICU college or university, your financial aid office automatically considers you for these scholarships.

Additionally, most private colleges provide institutional aid (aid directly from the college or university) to help students cover expenses. You can learn more about this type of aid, and the specific programs that your college or university provides, by contacting your financial aid office.

NCICU and our colleges and universities believe in the value of an independent education, and work diligently to make it possible for every interested student to attend the college of his or her choice. Click "The Facts" or "Types of Funding" to learn more about the different types of funding available and how aid is determined.


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